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Knowing When To Quit On A Book


I took a very long time for me to feel comfortable not finishing a book. As a writer myself, and in the age of social media where famous authors are easily accessible, I know only too well how much effort goes into crafting a story. I felt, as a reader, I owed it to them to read every single page, even if I didn’t particularly enjoy it. As you can expect, it negatively impacted my reading life and often I had spells where I didn’t want to read at all.┬áStatistically 50 pages is the “make or break” point where people give up on a book. Often I would far exceed that point.

Eventually I reached a point where my current read was something I hated so much. So I made the leap and tossed it aside. You know what happened? Nothing. The world didn’t stop turning. The book didn’t set on fire. I simply move on. I will happily disown a book a few chapters in, and when it comes to audiobooks a bad narrator can make me give up after just a few minutes.

By giving up on a book I don’t like, I’m making the journey to one I love that little bit shorter.

Do you give up on books?
How long does it take before you decide a book isn’t for you?



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4 thoughts on “Knowing When To Quit On A Book

  1. With audiobooks, I always sample them beforehand because there is nothing I hate more than buying a book and then realising I don’t like the narrator. If it’s an ebook or physical book, I always try to give it 100/150 pages. If the plot or characters don’t gel with me, or there are details I don’t like, I will DNF the book. I don’t have time anymore to read something I’m not enjoying. However, sometimes I don’t make that DNF permanent and I will come back to some of those books eventually when my mood is right or when I know I will enjoy them more.


  2. I very rarely give up on books, but I have persevered in reading some only to wish I had DNF as my initial feelings were right. I usually find that around 3 chapters is a good length to get a feeling for whether or not you’ll enjoy it.


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