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Charlotte Reads Things | An Update

I’ve been working on CharlotteReadsThings for a few years now and I’ve entered a bookish world that I didn’t know existed prior. I’ve made amazing blogger friendships, delved into books I would have otherwise missed, and found an outlet to share my love for some on my favourite stories.

I’m a big planner and with my blog it’s no different. I like to schedule in advance; to know that no matter how busy the rest of my life is, at least my posts will go up on time. Those regular to my blog will know that review days are a Tuesday and discussion posts are a Saturday. Sadly, that is about to change.

Over the past year I’ve not kept to any reading challenges because previously I stressed about meeting targets and reading became more of a chore. This year I hit a reading slump in March that I haven’t been able to shift since. The review posts you normally get are books I read sometimes three months prior due to how far in advance I’m working. But as this year is coming to a close, I’m very aware that I’m only planned till the end of January and then there’s nothing. I’ve been busy and distracted and the slump is now affecting my actual reading, not just my enjoyment of books. I’ve stupidly stressed and I’ve cried about the idea of falling behind on something that is essentially just a hobby.

So, things are changing. My Audiobook Of The Month will continue monthly, I’m planning a writing series (so if you have anything you want me to talk about then let me know!), and I will still be posting reviews though it will be more of an as and when I finish.

I need to learn to enjoy reading again. And I hope you all understand and support me in the upcoming changes.


A proud Hufflepuff who talks about books and also tries to write them.

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