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Locked – K.M.Robinson

“We ourselves, can overtake the society. If we can get resistance groups to join us, there’s no way the society will survive.”


Blurb: “When the girl with the golden hair is betrayed, no one has hope of surviving. The stories say that Goldilocks ran away, but being forced over the wall and separated from the man she cares for was hardly her choice. Now, uncertain if any of her friends survived the brutal attack, Auluria must work with her former handler, Shadoe, and raise a new army to invade the Society and take back that which is hers: Dov Baer, his family, their friends, and their freedom.”

Locked is the second book in a trilogy bringing the fairytale of Goldilocks back to life with a new twist. The society has even more power, and they also have Dov Baer which makes Auluria’s desire to take them down all the more personal.

Auluria is forced to team up with her enemies, one of which being Shadoe, in order to find the best way to regain her control.  Auluria makes a lot of questionable decisions and trusts everyone she meets straight away if they are willing to help her; which could be a very risky move but also makes her more human as it shows the sort of lengths people are willing to go to get their loved ones back.

I am an absolute sucker for training scenes in books and this one is packed full of them. It was great to see the team Auluria had created pushing themselves to be better. Speaking of which, the new characters really stood on their own ground and it didn’t feel like the story was over-populated with new faces.

My big issue in Golden was the pacing but in this one, those issues are a distant memory. The story progresses at the right speed to keep readers interested but also allow for a decent chunk of time for the characters to be in the right place to finally take back what’s theirs.

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