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No Matter The Wreckage – Sarah Kay

“He gave me back his eyelashes,
the back of his neck, his palms. We held every piece we were given like it was a nectarine – might bruise if we weren’t careful- we collected them like we were trying to build an orchard.”


Blurb: “In her powerful debut collection of poetry, Sarah Kay navigates a decade’s worth of writing to present us with a book that combines new poems and beloved favourites. Both fresh and wise, Sarah Kay’s poetry invites us to join her on the journey of discovering herself and the world around her.”

I had never read poetry of my own free will. By that I mean I hadn’t read poetry that wasn’t something being studied in the confines of a classroom. It was an art form that I never really paid much attention to until I made friends with someone at university a few years ago who loved poetry and was a poet himself. He introduced me to a YouTube channel called Button Poetry which features lived performances from poets (mainly America based). One day a video popped up of a performance from a woman named Sarah Kay in which she presented her poem The Type I was simply in awe. Her performance was pure magic and it was hard to believe that four minutes had passed by so quickly. I have followed her ever since. However, it was only recently that I discovered she actually had a book out in the world.

Sarah Kay has gathered over 12 million views online and leapt onto the poetry scene with her Ted Talks such as If I Should Have A Daughter. This collection included poems from ten years of her life and they’re just as beautiful to read as they are to hear.

It was nice to come back to personal favourites such as “Private Parts” and “Montauk” along while developing some new favourites.  It’s really hard to explain Sarah’s poetry without shoving it in your face and screaming “READ IT.” She has a way of stringing together words and ideas that just make you sit there amazed that someone has finally found a way to put certain thoughts and feelings into words. I genuinely believe her poetry is the closest thing to pure magic.

I highly recommend you check out both her poetry book and her live performances.

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