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The Girl In The Ice – Robert Bryndza

“Erika felt immediate guilt for passing judgement, for the two people standing expectantly in front of them were nothing more than terrified parents.”


Blurb: “When a young boy discovers the body of a woman beneath a thick sheet of ice in a South London park, Detective Erika Foster is called in to lead the murder investigation. The victim, a beautiful young socialite, appeared to have the perfect life. Yet when Erika begins to dip deeper, she starts to connect the dots between the murder and the killings of three prostitutes, all found strangled, hands bound and dumped in the water around London. As Erika inches closes to uncovering the truth, the killer is closing in on Erika.”

*This book was sent to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review*

As you’ve probably noticed if you frequent my blog a lot, I read a certain type of book. But recently I’ve become disillusioned with reading Young Adult because it all feels like too much of the same. So apart from the books floundering on my TBR list and the new releases I know for a fact I want to read, I’m taking a little break.

After reading Gone Girl last year I was surprised by how interesting I find the mystery of crime fiction. Although, the genre is so vast that I didn’t really know where to start. Then I was sent this book.

Lee Kinny is a gardener at a museum who, when passing a frozen lake near his place of work, discovers a body trapped under the ice. DCI Erika Foster is brought in on a missing person investigation case which, thanks to Lee’s discovery, quickly becomes a murder investigation. The body is of Andrea Douglas Brown, the daughter of a rich and influential man who the chief of the police department says “can make and break careers.” There are no obvious suspects but as Erika and her team begin digging, they make some worrying findings.

I found this book so interesting to read. The fact that there are no obvious suspects very early on only made me even more hooked, wondering where this story could possibly go. With the addition of most of the police force urging for a conviction rather than trusting Erika’s hunches there’s just an added pressure as time starts running out; especially when you start getting some chapters from the killer’s point of view.

It’s so important in fiction to have a solid, believable protagonist and Erika Foster was just that. She held the story together so well and she just seemed to dominate every scene that she was in. I was rooting for her throughout this book. She was a fantastic main character.

This is the first in a series and definitely worth picking up if you’re into crime fiction.

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