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The Last Of The Spirits – Chris Priestley

  Blurb: "On the bleak streets of London, Sam is freezing and hungry. When he is rudely refused help by Ebenezer Scrooge, Sam vows to kill the selfish man. But later, while Sam is huddled in a graveyard, a ghost warns him of the terrible fate that awaits if he chooses the path of murder.… Continue reading The Last Of The Spirits – Chris Priestley

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Secrets In Phoenix – Gabriella Lepore

  Blurb: "When Sophie Ballester and her twin brothers Sam and Todd are uprooted from their home and sent to a remote boarding school run by their Great Aunt Ness, they stumble upon a hidden room that holds a secret - a secret that will change everything. The people of Phoenix Holt are not what… Continue reading Secrets In Phoenix – Gabriella Lepore